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"Beautiful, nice and quiet place, where you can escape from the rush and enyou in the pleasant ambient, gentile music and ordinery prepared meals."

J.K. Jovanovski

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HACAT company's roots date back to 2001. Company's core business is the manufacture, distribution of meals and catering service. As a leader and the only company in this area HACAT produces daily and delivers approximately 5,000 meals spaced about 34 diets for the Clinical Center - Skopje, as also for patients and the medical staff. The past 10 years including the contract for management of the facility kitchen from August 2004 HACAT began production and distribution of meals for several construction companies and open two restaurants. The company employs a staff of 74 people, structurally allocated in order to serve this very complex process. Are unique in the country with two machines for packaging of food in two-piece polypropylene plate which certainly comes in addition to security packaging and storage of food. For the safety of food enough telling implemented system for food safety system HACCP and ISO9001.

Technical equipment: 8 boxes, 4 tipper 10 small and large industrial stove, 2 universal machines, deep fat fryers 2, through 15 cold stores and freezers for storage of products, one chamber for dough, packing machines 2, 1 floor oven for bread and baked goods, 10 hot washing machines under high pressure, 2 modern machines for packing food.

Transport: small and large trucks with thermo king, mostly Peugeot, Iveco and Mercedes.

The production part is under constant surveillance and control, and company employees conduct regular sanitary and systematic review.

The company is in constant work together with the Centre for Public Health and the Agency for Food and Veterinary.

The production and packaging of food is centralized, all supplies are stored and processed using the latest technology and equipment, and preparation of meals is made of high hygienic level and strictly controls how the input of raw materials and the finished product as output. This therefore reduces the chance of getting contamination of food, and allows each user to get an exact amount prescribed. The distribution is done in boxing special boxes that keep the temperature and freshness of food.

                HACAT worry about the quality of foods, preparation and distribution of food, which can proudly claim that these techniques packaging of food is safest for our customers.

                The preparation of daily menu is composed of a set of all proteins, minerals, protein and fat that a patient needs a day to enter. Daily menu contains a total of 34 diets that are in use or active and 12 passive diets. This takes care of the team nutritionist, dietitian and external Service Associate General Affairs or the Department of Planning of hospital food. Listed below are just some of the diets that are prepared daily.

-without gluten


-first day after surgery

-second day after surgery

-white lactic

-children diet

-white & cold diet

-easy diet, etc..


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Monday - Friday

from 08.00 to 16.00

For more info call us:

+389 (2) 3116522

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The company "Hacat" works from 2001. The main activity is the manufacture and distribution of meals and catering service. Daily manufactures and delivers around 4,800 meals (dorucheci, lunches and dinners) for the Clinical Center - Skopje. Supply and distribute meals for several construction companies. Has implemented the HACCP system and ISO90001. Employs 74 persons.



str.Mother Teresa No. 17,

Pbo. 053, 1000 Skopje

email: office@hacat.mk

catering service: 075448773

bank account: 300000001809183

VAT no. MK4030003494692

Latest News


            HACAT received Certificate for Quality             Food and Nutritive value by Healty             Food Sociaty from Belgrade.

            HACAT received European Quality             Award awarded by Global Trade             Leader's Club in Paris.

            HACAT is preparing new system in food             producting sectors, fresh delivery at             home and will be started soon in 2015.

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